Psychic Art

What is Psychic Art?
There are many different definitions and explanations of what Psychic Art is, and how a Psychic Artist works.  But I can really only go on the way that is for me.  For as long as I can remember I have always been someone who has felt the need to express the images and information that is given to me through the medium of art.  From doodles, geometry, to full pictures that has a lot going on.  Most of the time I never know what will arrive in front of me until I start putting pencil to paper.  On other occasions I will receive an image that I cannot get out of my head until it’s been drawn.  A bit like hearing a song on the radio in the morning and you’re still humming it on your way to bed.  For me Psychic Art is the channelling of knowledge, love and guidance from spirit through the artist to the page for all.  It is meant to be shared, as that is where it’s true power lies.  I believe that we all possess this ability and it is a beautiful resource to aid us in our personal and spiritual development.

What is a Psychic Art Reading?
The way that I personally do readings, is to link in with the person for which the reading is intended.  I sit with paper and various art materials. As I never know what I will be drawn to.  I then let the images, thoughts and feelings flow through onto the page.  Whilst drawing the image I only pick up key points of the reading, it is only after the image is complete that I take any thoughts, feelings or insights from the image and begin the reading in more detail.  Whilst sitting and absorbing the whole image I am more fully able to channel freely the information that is to be passed on.  The drawing process works a lot like automatic writing, in the sense that you only see what is before you as a whole, once you have finished writing.

Psychic Art Reading £15.00
I aim to send a digital copy of your image and your reading via email within 24 hours of payment.